Nutrition Support Certification Program

The course qualifies the pharmacist to work in the nutrition support team in hospitals to do the following:

1. Provide and prepare parenteral & Entral nutrition to different categories of patients, including children, the elderly and patients with diseases who needs specific nutrition regimens.
2. To provide care for patients who need special nutrition regimens using the standards and principles adopted internationally.
3. Improving the quality of care provided to patients by educating the medical team members using international Guidelines.
Our Course is introduced by a team of highly Qualified instructors who are Board Certified Nutrition and practicing in the largest hospitals in Egypt.
Course Duration:
It's 6 month , 1 lecture Per Week , 4 Hours Per Lecture

course content :

A.S.P.E.N. Adult Nutrition Support Core Curriculum
PARTI Basics of Nutrition and Metabolism
1. Nutrient Intake, Digestion, Absorption, and Excretion
2. Energy
3. Carbohydrates
4. Lipids
5. Protein
6. Fiber
7. Fluid, Electrolytes, and Acid–Base Disorders
8. Vitamins and Trace Elements

PARTII Clinical Foundations of Nutrition Support
1- Nutrition Screening and Assessment
2- Overview of Enteral Nutrition
3- Enteral Formulations
4- Enteral Access Devices
5- Complications of Enteral Nutrition
6- Overview of Parenteral Nutrition
7- Parenteral Nutrition Formulations
8- Parenteral Access Devices
9- Complications of Parenteral Nutrition
10- Drug–Nutrient Interactions
11- Alternative Medicine: Dietary Supplements

PARTIII Nutrition Support of Specific States
1- Pregnancy and Lactation
2- Wound Healing
3- Neurological Impairment
4- Sepsis and Infection
5- Trauma, Surgery, and Burns
6- Chylothorax and Chylous Ascites
7- Gastrointestinal Disease
8- Liver Disease
9- Pancreatitis
10- Renal Disease
11- Solid Organ Transplantation
12- Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection
13- Cancer
14- Diabetes Mellitus
15- Obesity

PARTIV Management and Professional Issues
1- Home Care
2- Ethics
3- Quality Improvement
4- Evidence-Based Practice

The A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Nutrition Support Core Curriculum
1- Introductory information about the mechanics of nutrition intake and changes that occur with development
2- Age-specific nutrition from fetal development through childhood/adolescence
3- Various disease states that affect the pediatric population and related nutrition issues
4- Nutrition care of the pediatric patient